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Pixley finished

This game should be a tribute to the old era before DLCs and Ads in game was a thing. A simple game that tries to put the focus in FUN not money! When you have ideas to add to this game give us a message.

Try it out it's free:

Google Playstore
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Gogol proof of concept

A duel battle cellular automata that focus on clever thinking and creativity. This project is still in proof of concept phase and needs to be "battle" tested before it gets into development.

Demo (you need 2 players)

'Short' Explanation

Game is 1 vs 1 so you need another fellow that wants to measure their brain capacity with yours or more often who has more luck Goal is to get some cells into the enemies hearth How you can build cell cluster in the Building Space by pressing some cells alive. You can see in the Preview Simulation how they will develop. Rules are a different form of Conways Game of Live Born on 2, Live of 3,4,5. Cells have a max live.

Where to start

  1. Open: WebGL Version
  2. Share the room name with a friend and press join
  3. Build stuff and Favorite it or find one from the Last build one. (Favs should be saved over multiple games)
  4. See if it doesn't backfire / kill yourself in the preview (you can change where to simulate by clicking the preview cellgroups / some build behave different on walls)
  5. Adjust your cells with w a s d for move within the Building Space or r for rotation
  6. When you are happy with your build or your friend annoys you with "how long do you need, can I make me a sandwich?" then you need to decide where to place it on the game field (When you can't place just press Pass)
  7. Wait on your friend or make you a sandwich, but be polite and ask your friend before you go afk
  8. Wait until it is simulated repeat with 3. until you killed yourself or the enemy does.
It's just a prototype
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Runerush proof of concept

A racing game that remembers at some high velocity engines with mighty speed. Was originally planned as VR game.